Boeing 737 Management Reference Guide

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Boeing 737 Management Reference Guide
Boeing 737 Management Reference Guide is for airline and simulator pilots operating the Boeing 737. This pilot guide contains up to 500 pages with technical notes for management of the Boeing 737 in non-normal situations. These notes are based on more than 15 years and 7000 hours line experience and simulator training on aircraft type. This guide goes beyond all other study guides as it: •explains conditions for all warning lights to illuminate •describes how to manage flight once a failure has occurred •proposes methods to solve or to work around the problem •alerts for potential subsequent (double) failures •contains many thumb-rules and tips-&-tricks •refers to AOM-FCOM, QRH, DDPG-MEL, JAR-OPS and FAA •THE LATEST FREE UPDATE IS AVAILABLE-SEE NEXT LINE Check out for more information. Full color diagrams and graphics.
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