Telex ANR 850 Headset

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Telex ANR 850
Telex Aviation, the innovative leader in commercial aviation headsets, brings you the Telex Airman ANR 850. Telex expanded on the design of the world's most popular lightweight aviation headset, the Telex Airman 750, taking comfort, clarity and convenience to the next level. The Telex Airman ANR 850 uses Active Noise Reduction technology to provide up to 12dB of noise attenuation ensuring the clearest in-flight communication. Never before has a headset been so comfortable weighing less than 4- ounces. Combining "set and forget" volume control with never worrying about a battery pack, undoubtedly makes the Telex Airman ANR 850 the most convenient commercial aviation headset available today. By drastically reducing wind noise in jet cockpits, the Airman ANR 850 helps to reduce fatigue. The Telex Airman ANR 850 is unsurpassed in clarity, comfort and convenience. * The Active Noise Reduction will only operate in aircraft that have constant power to the microphone jack. In some older aircraft, the microphone is powered only when "keying the mic."
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