GoDark Faraday - Tablet Bag

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Stay under the radar with this awesome cell signal blocking case !!
The GoDark Faraday Bag, an industrial strength Faraday bag from Tarriss, protects your cell phone or tablet from location tracking, hacking, and damage due to external EMF by blocking all outgoing and incoming EMF signals between 600 MHz and 5 GHz, including GPS, Cell Phone, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Made to be used, not just talked about, GoDark Faraday Bags were made from the ground up with exceptional signal blocking, superior durability and uncompromising construction quality. GoDark Bags were built for the elements and have been thoroughly tested by a third party lab to ensure they perform as expected, making them the trusted choice among IT security professionals, law enforcement, and elite military units across the world.

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