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This dual wattage converter operates as a transformer on the low setting and as a converter on the high setting, ensuring that you can bring your electric and electronic appliances with you on your journeys. Whether you want to charge your phone so you can navigate down unknown streets using GPS, or dry your hair quickly so you can get an early start on the day, this kit allows you to bring the conveniences of home. It also includes four adapter plugs in addition to the converter so you can use it throughout the world. The carry pouch makes it easier to transport all the parts in-between destinations. Simplify traveling overseas by utilizing this converter kit today. • For 110V electric appliances heating up to 2,000W and electronic appliances up to 50W • Reduces 220V electric current to 110V – for use in countries operating on 220V • Low setting for low wattage electronics up to 50W (cell phones, cameras, battery chargers, etc.) • High setting for electric appliances up to 2000W (such as hair dryers) • For use in most parts of Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, the Middle East, New Zealand, and Russia • Two-pin plug fits most European outlets • Auto-reset fuse • Includes converter, four adapter plugs and travel pouch Note: Check appliance wattage carefully before use to determine proper setting. Note: Not for use with electronic appliances, appliances equipped with timers or automatic functions, dual voltage appliances, laptop computers, or for continuous use.
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