LUMO™ Clip Light

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LUMO™ Clip Light
Specifications Settings – 100% (25 Lumens) Viewing Distance – 3 Meters Run Time – 100% - 5 Hours Size – 3.625” (H) x 0.75” (W) Weight – 0.2 lbs. Batteries – Three LR44 batteries (included) Description Compact, handy and bright…the LUMO™ Clip Light by NEBO® is the perfect “whatever you need” light. Keychain light, purse light, backpack light, book light…the possibilities are endless. This compact 25-lumen light comes with a carabiner attachment to clip anywhere you need. The white top of the LUMO™ is a diffuser dome. This dome helps evenly spread the light to create a more omnidirectional light source. LUMO™ Clip Light…the brilliant clip light! Features • High power 25 lumen LED (Bulb rated for 110,000+ hours of life) • Diffuser dome evenly distributes light to create an omni-directional light source • Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum water-resistant body • Carabiner clip • Glow-in-the-dark button • Powered by three LR44 batteries (included)
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