Bose ProFlight Aviation Headset

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Bose ProFlight Aviation Headset

Introducing our smallest, lightest active noise cancelling aviation communication headset ever.

The Bose ProFlight Aviation Headset is the industry's smallest, quietest, and most comfortable active noise cancelling communication headset. With an on-head weight of 4.9 ounces, the new Bose ProFlight Aviation Headset is designed for long term comfort and is our most innovative headset yet. Engineered for pilots of moderately noisy pressurized turbine powered aircraft, it incorporates more than 30 U.S. utility and design patents. The ProFlight Aviation Headset features three levels of user selectable active noise cancellation, active equalization to improve intelligibility of incoming transmissions, a noise cancelling microphone for clearer outgoing transmissions, tap control for talk-through communication with those outside the intercom, and full function Bluetooth connectivity with smartphones, tablets or EFBs. The ProFlight Headset is FAA TSO and EASA E/TSO-C139a certified, meets all applicable ARINC standards, and is available with four different plug configurations.


Long term comfort.Our smallest, lightest, most comfortable headset yet.

4.9 ounces on-head weight. Helps enhance comfort over long periods of use.

Noise cancelling microphone. For perfectly clear transmissions.

Optimized audio. Active equalization clarifies incoming audio.

Digital active noise cancellation. Reduces ambient noise, allowing users to lower radio volume.

User selectable noise cancellation. Customize noise reduction to meet your needs.

Tap control for talk-through communication. Double-tap either earbud to hear outside audio without removing the headset.

Bluetooth® connectivity. Full function Bluetooth for connections to phone, tablet or EFB’s.

Bluetooth® prioritization. You control how Bluetooth audio interacts with the intercom system.

Bypass communication mode. Provides full communications function with or without power to the headset.

FAA TSO and EASA E/TSO-C139a certified.

Automatic shutoff. Headset powers down automatically when not in use.

Quick release side swappable mic and cable. Attach on either side – no tools required.

Exceptional battery life. Two AA batteries power approximately 45 hours of use without

Bluetooth and at least 25 hours with Bluetooth on.

Replaceable silicone eartips. Easily removed and replaced without tools.

Long term durability. Designed and tested for demanding environments

Three-year, worldwide warranty.

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